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how to do whatsapp fake chat new trick

how to do whatsapp fake chat new trick


Hello friends welcome to Telugu Tech Pro website friends in this article we are going to learn about how to do whatsapp fake chat new trick


how to do whatsapp fake chat new trick :

  • Friends WhatsApp is a must have on all your mobiles If you have WhatsApp would you be chatting with everyone?
  • If you have a girlfriend, she may even be chatting with people who have a boyfriend
  • If you have friends without you, they will be chatting in front of you and then saying something to you.
  • That’s why friends today on our blog, whether you have a girlfriend or not, if you have a chat with a girl, it’s a word you created.
  • In this blog I will tell you in detail about how it can be created.



We need any application :

  • Friends If you also want to make a conversation with someone like this you need to download a small application for it.
  • If you can easily send a message from 2 sides then how do you create a chat where you really are chatting with?
  • It’s compulsively shocking not to show it to anyone in your house, either your friends or not.



  • Because everyone knows that WhatsApp sends messages from one side but nobody knows that we send messages from the other side too.
  • So today let’s talk about the application we have given. Now you do not need to find out what this application is and where I need to download it from.
  • All the details related to this application as well as the link related to this application will be at the end of this blog for you to download from there.





How to download the application :

  • Open the Play Store application on your mobile in the Temple for friends to download your application
  • If you see the above button once it is pressed and typed FAKE CHAT means you will see this application
  • A button will appear below the application, on which you can easily download the application.
  • Friends, this application has been downloaded and used by many people so far, so you should definitely download and try it once




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After download the application :

  • If you have downloaded and opened this application, please give permission to all of them if this application has reduced your permission.
  • This application will open for you After opening this application you will need to create a profile as if you were chatting with someone.
  • So now we need to create a profile here. For that you have to press on a button which appears below.
  • Then here’s where you want to show who you’ve chatting with as well as any photo as well as their status if you update there short word
  • A chat will then be created if you have saved it.





Settings in the application :

  • If you simply want to show that you are chatting after another chat is created, you can send a message and it will automatically go back one more time to send a message once you have done one side.
  • That said, if you send a message twice like this, you will have another meaning next to the send button.
  • This way it is very easy if you show it to someone after a little chat but they will compulsorily believe it
  • Friends because no one knows how we can message twice on WhatsApp
    If you want to download and try this application, there is a link to the application below. Please download and try it immediately.



App info :
Version 2.2
Updated on 6 Nov 2020
Downloads 10,000,000+ downloads
Download size 9.94 MB
In-app purchases I75.00 per item
Offered by Tiawy Labs
Released on 31 Dec 2017





how to do whatsapp fake chat new trick

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