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Thiefted Phone Finder And Know Exact Location

Thiefted Phone Finder And Know Exact Location


Hi Guys After Long Back We are Writing article Sorry For Late Lets Start Todays Topic is To Find The Thiefted  mobile by Applying small Trick and Settings In System Mobile ,Thiefted Phone Finder And Know Exact Location.



Thiefted Phone Finder And Know Exact Location :

  • When We Lost Mobile Immediately Then Complaint For Security Department and Bother, and Feel Tension about Mobile.
  • Download Little App and Maintain It Has Lock and Thief Catcher Version Too.
  • Literally 4.4 Ratings has Been Provided On Playstore and Bloke Tech as Founded app Released.
  • This Security App will Protect Whole Device and Haves Only 2.5 Mb In size Guys.



Thiefted Phone



More Information About This Thiefted Phone Application :

  • Almost 5 Million Fifty Lakhs and Higher People are Downloaded And Using.
  • Sixty Seven Thousand Reviews Given by Well Used Smartphone Holders.
  • 2013 app Was Firstly Released at March 9th Date and Response From App Users are Dropped the good Experiences Guys.
  • If Your Holding Android Mobile From 6.0 Or Up Versions Then you Eligible To Install App.
  • 2022 Year on October Month 14, Brought Super Updates and Fixed Most Of The Errors On New Upgraded Version.



Benefits Of This Thiefted Phone Application :

  •  Locking Mobile From System setting is Secure and Add Thieft Alarm on Too.
  •  By Applying Thieft Protection Mobile Will Safe and Even It Lost From You Guys.
  • Find Exact Location Of Losted Phone With Small App.
  • In addition are you Lost or Some one Thiefted Your Smartphone Then Find With in 1 Hour With Exact Location Of Thiefted area.
  • Get Directly Photos Of Thief or Lost Location Pics Through on Gmail Guys.
  • When On Watching Those Pictures Go Fastly and Recover your Smartphone and Handover To Security Department that Thief or take Phone From Location.




Call History Backup And Restore With This Small Trick

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Shortcut Tools Useful For Every Android User

Clean Virus On Phone With This Small Settings

Set Timer For Every Settings And Apps To Turn Off



Disadvantages Without Thiefted Phone Application :

  • On Busy Work Or Going in Bus, Bike Or Any works We Putting Mobile In pocket Is Have a Chance To lost Guys.
  • Assume That If Mobile Lost Or Thefted By Other On Next Step We Cant Know What To Do What Not Do.
  • Maximum Chances to Finding Is Overed and Phone will lost Forever.
  • Only 10 Percent Compatibility to Locate Mobile and 9o Percent will It Gone.
  • To Come across and To Reduce This Problem Please Read Side Paragraph.



How To Download This Thiefted Phone Application :

  • I Think every One Knows Playstore Enter In to app and Search for Lock watch -Thief Catcher Application.
  • Then Load it guys at top Of screen app Comes Simply Tap and Click Install.
  • In Addition On Some Seconds Later Another Page Providing Open Button Will Comes Guys.
  • This Above Process Must and Should Do At Playstore.



Thiefted Phone



After Downloaded Any Permissions Wanted :

  • Further On Press Open an Straightly App Interface Will Displayed.
  • But No Permission Will Asked But Have Chance to Grant on Another Steps.
  • In Addition Follow Our Instructions Step By Step To Know those Permits.



How To Use This Thiefted Phone Application :

  • On Home Layout Look General, Premium, History Features Will Shown.
  • Lets Press On Send Alert email Its activates The Process Just Allow touch on.
  • It Redirected Device Administrator In System Settings, So Activate It guys.
  • Immediately Next Pictures Videos Taking Permission, and Location Permits Displayed Allow Them.
  • In Addition Select Email To Get Photo Of Unknown Persons and Location Details To Get Its Important Permit Please Give.
  • After It Two More Option Raised Number Of Unlock Attempts Si for Attempting Unlock Or Entering Wrong Pin Members Photos Will captured.



Thiefted Phone



Premium And History Features Used For :

  • You Can Read and Understand The Option Easily Guys at First One Is Detect Simcard Changer.
  • When Changed Sim On Losted mobile and Notification and Alerts are Received to You Guys.
  • In attachments Option You Have Taking Photos Limit setter and Recording Sound Clips For 20Seconds.
  • Take the subscription for more benefits Guys.
  • When Coming To History Feature all the Information about Losted Mobile Will Received yet To This Option and Stored Securely.



Finally Conclusion About This Thiefted Phone Application :

  • So Please Download App To Protect your Mobiles Guys.
  • Small App But Helps and Gives Lot of Information and Live Locations Of Thief Mobile and Photos Of Unlocking persons.
  • Find Yourself Without Asking any Help From Others And Tension free after Downloaded Application.
  • At last Again Meet On Next Awesome Topic On Article Untill Then Stay Safe Bye and Finally Don’t Forget To Subscribe Guys.





Thiefted Phone Finder And Know Exact Location


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