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apply sound on mobile charging with simple settings

apply sound on mobile charging with simple settings


Hi friends welcome to telugu tech pro channel, by applying small settings on your mobile you can get the notification sound while keeping mobile to charge or disconnecting charge apply sound on mobile charging with simple settings.



apply sound on mobile charging with simple settings :

  • guys when we put the charging to our mobile, some times we couldn’t see whether we turned on on swicth or not.
  • But we assume that charging is ongoing in device actually it will not charge.
  • after one hour or 2 hour later we come towards mobile and disconnect charged 100 percent.
  • usually their we realize that we have not switched on power button connection, further we loose lots of valuable time.
  • because of no charging signal we don’t know whether it charging or not guys.
  • from now onwards apply the sound when you put mobile for charging so that we don’t need o worry about it mobile will tells us charging with sound.



sound on battery charging



sound on mobile charging benefits :

  • we can apply the sound when we keep phone on charging friends.
  • choose any type of your favorite audio from your file manager to get that sound on charging.
  • similarly arrange the disconnected message sound it notifies when you discharge your mobile from charger.
  • so that we understand easily whether phone charging process continuing or stopped at that time only.
  • in additionally we able to add the text to speech means we need to enter text speech on charging time.
  • in your own way you can type the message to speak on charging and disconnecting time guys.



downloading method of sound on mobile charging application :

  • commonly we use the playstore for any app download purpose.
  • Now its time to reopen this playstore only guys..
  • make sure that you have been connected mobile to internet and it necessary right now for downloading.
  • if you look at top on screen searching box will appears.
  • lets simply have a tap on it, immediately you mobiles keyboard displays.
  • on keyboard type Battery Sound Notification and finally load it.
  • when loads you should have to check the company is Argon Dev and 4.1 ratings.
  • more than ten millions of people had installed this sound on battery charging app and saving their time.
  • if you have any dought on app then see ones the reviews around seventeen thousand plus and get full clarity on app.
  • therefore press on install button to start installation friends.




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after downloading sound on mobile charging :

  • due to 7.0 mb it will installs very fastly guys.
  • on installation page open option appears below app title tap on it.
  • then app will displays the permission pop up now press on bottom on battery sound notification title.
  • it takes you to system floating window management permits from their find this sound on battery charging app and allow permission.
  • when granted come back to app then it turns totally in to green color.
  • again press at same place at bottom screen two times and allow auto start up permission from app info.



set sound on mobile charging :

  • then successfully app home interface will be opened guys.
  • in background app will running so don’t touch power button icon in bottom right corner.
  • next we have to set the sound to notify while charge fort that tap plus icon from upper screen.
  • you have mode to arrange the sound notification for battery connected, full battery, disconnect, low battery.
  • then choose you audio file, ringtone or text to speech, now we choose type text to speech for that give name and description to speak.
  • finally click on saving icon which is placed at top right corner of the screen guys.
  • now thats it while you connected charger or choose other option then it will speaks on actions.



sound on battery charging



settings in mobile charger app :

  • you could set the service at suspension intervals with start and end buttons.
  • coming to audio ignore system audio profile and play sound in vibration, silent modes guys.
  • if you need to medium sound with high and not low then tick the play sound with max volume setting.
  • for task enable notification sound reptition means sound on battery charging app runs in background.



sound on mobile charge conclusion :

  • easy to use and every android will easily supports all android devices.
  • now without any tension start download app and get notified while charging, disconnected, full battery, low battery.
  • we will meet you again on upcoming article with amazing tricks that will 100 percent useful like this sound on battery charging bye.





sound on battery charging

apply sound on mobile charging with simple settings


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