Shortcut Tools Useful For Every Android User

Shortcut Tools Useful For Every Android User


Hello Friends, Hope all wanted this tricks Now Simply Know all Tricks By Reading This Small Article And Use Some Shortcuts in Mobile Add Picking Color Screen, Screen Shot Info, add Tiles Not Helps At every Time But Some Times Helps Lot Shortcut Tools Useful For Every Android User.



Shortcut Tools Useful For Every Android User :

  • To Work Shortcuts We Must Required One app Which  Containing 3.7 Plus ratings On Playstore.
  • Scheffs Blend Software Company  or management Firstly Bringed Out Application at Online Platform.
  • We are Literally Shocked After Seeing the Length Of app Its Only 1.3 Mb.
  • Most Of android Users Are Enjoying App Features and Downloads Gone around Ten Million Guys.



Shortcut Tools



More Application Status :

  • Twelve Thousand and More People are Reviewed and Given Star Ratings and Good Impression.
  • In 2017 App is launched at January Month Seventh Date Guys.
  • Android 7.0 to any above versions Devices Are Easily Runs app.
  • In addition At March on Two thousand Twenty Twenty at 16th Date Application Has Released With More Features.



Benefits Of This Shortcut Tools Application :

  • Apply Custom Grid Lines To Shine On Screen Colors, Key Lines, Sizes etc.
  • To Create Amazing Look Straighten With an On Screen Grid guys.
  • It Means Generate Colorful Lines On Any Third Party app OR System Apps.
  • Easily Create Pixel Perfection with Overlays As Mockup.
  •  When On Screenshot view Clearly and add Colors, Filters Etc..




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Lets Download This Shortcut Tool Application :

  • To Download Open Playstore and Turn On Internet Or Connect With WIFI.
  • After That Once have A Look at Above screen Search Box Appears.
  • Tap On Then Keyboard Opened Lets Type app Name is Designer Tools.
  • Click On Find Button On Keyboard For loading.



Installation Procedure Of This Application :

  • App Loads on screen Conform It By Seeing Company Name Once.
  • Then after Touch On Application Title Guys, Install Shows at Next Step.
  • With in One Or Two Seconds App Completely Downloaded.
  • Finally When overed Installing Tap On Open.
  • Read More Information In Below section Guys.



Shortcut Tools



Any Permissions Required :

  • Press At Open On Playstore Immediately app Display.
  • Have to Permit By Clicking Grid Overlay Button, Allow Floating window Permission.
  • Then Lastly Come To Screenshot Details Features and Grant Storage Permit Friends.



How To Use This Shortcut Tools Application :

  • From Grid Overlay Feature Make Mobile as Glass Broken.
  • Convert to Display Gone or Variety Screen, When Showing Mobile To Others.
  • Surely They will Shocked and Don’t Your mobile Create Prank On them.
  • Additionally add Key Lines, Line Colors You Liked and Set Grid Size according To Screen Of Phone.





Mockup Overlay Working :

  • For Use Any Feature Mainly On Button At Right Side Of Top.
  • Now Simply Select Portrait and Landscape Images From Gallery.
  • Then Increase Opacity By swiping Right Side.
  • Awesome Look appears at screen with those background Photos guys.



Color Picker Feature And Screenshot Uses :

  • This Color Picker Works after turning Button Round Shaped Circle Comes.
  • With Containing Colors Guys, Usually To Change Before added To Pictures Color.
  • To Change Just Drag The Here and There For Changing Colors.
  • Finally Screen Shot Details Option Used To  Append Device Information To every Screenshot You Taken.
  • Screen Specifications Helded, and Record Device name, Build Details etc..





Finally Conclusion About This Shortcut Tools Application :

  • At Last This Was The Briefly Explanation And Features About App Running Process Guys.
  • We will Provide application Link on article through link download app easily.
  • Finally Additionally More applications Related like This application Then ask in our comment Box.
  • We Take Most Useful applications Which Fully Free to Use.
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Shortcut Tools

Shortcut Tools Useful For Every Android User



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