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Set Timer For Every Settings And Apps To Turn Off

Set Timer For Every Settings And Apps To Turn Off


Hi Friends Good afternoon to each and everyone who are opened this article To Know Some Settings Tricks, Guys Now we are explaining useful topic is Regularly we Use WIFI, internet, Bluetooth, hotspot, and Options but Cant Close Some times, at busy works after applying our trick automatically Those options are Closed at Certain Time, Set Timer For Every Settings And Apps To Turn Off.



Set Timer For Every Settings And Apps To Turn Off :

  • Are Curious about settings then Read all article and find out trick and apply on your phone friends.
  • Further to Apply we required Little application, Presently on Playstore.
  • with Eight thousand and above Reviewers Commented In Good impressions.
  • In addition Also added points when they using and what are useful to them Guys.
  • Application Length Is Only 3.2 Mb But Uses later Very Much.



Set Timer



Check Extra Info About Set Timer Application :

  • Around Five Lakh and More than it are Downloaded.
  • In 2017 December Thirteen Application ahs Successfully Placed on Playstore.
  • Later two Years They Bring Updates With Superb Features and Released At 2019, May Month 13Th Date Guys.
  • Upgraded Version IS about 1.4.3.
  • App Can Supports From Android 5.0 Phones Upto Still Latest Devices.



Benefits Of This Set Timer Application :

  • Add Time to Sleep Actions that would Save Battery Consumption and Mobile.
  • In Addition Sleep Music, Turn Off Bluetooth ,Off WIFI, Turn Off screen.
  • All Regularly Using Actions Will Stopped After Setting Certain Time Guys.
  • Works With Youtube, Media Players, Spotify, and Any another Players That You Loved Friends.
  • Simply Start Music and Set Timer To Stop automatically.
  • Then App will Makes Sleep The Music at That Time.




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Disadvantages Without This Set Timer Application :

  • Usually On Playing Music on Mobiles after Listened need to Stop It
  • Other wise They Play Continuously Till Battery Drained.
  • Similarly Off Bluetooth and WIFI and minor Notifications Options.
  • Some times We Forget To Screen Off After Usage Phones, So Screen Display Will Turns On Continuously.



How To Download This Set Timer Application :

  • According To Similar Way Open Playstore and Tap Search Icon.
  • Type This name Sleep Timer and Press Enter To Continue Guys.
  • App will Loads Next step Check Company Name with Green Color Is Sleepy Technologies and Conform.
  • With Four Star 4.0 ratings app appeared On Screen.
  • Install Button Displayed at below Directly Click It.



Set Timer



Installation Process :

  • Loading Will started When Tapped and app will Particularly not takes so much time to download.
  • Literally Within Seconds app will Download.
  • To Recognize Whether it Is Downloaded are Not In This Manner.
  • New Page With Uninstall at Left side and Open With Right Options Will Came.
  • So Click On Open Button to Start Using application.



Any Permissions Will Ask :

  • On Beginning Whitelist Sleep Timer From Battery Optimization Pop Up permit Comes Friends.
  • Now Press Try Without Button Directly home of app will enters.
  • Guys any More permissions are required then will Explain How to Give.



Set Timer



How To Use This Set Timer Application :

  • On App Home Start button Will There at Below Screen.
  • Then Extend And Stop Options With Timer Will Shown.
  • To Increase Timer Just Press Extend Then Upto 5 Seconds will Added At Timer.
  • According To Time Actions That you Selected are Sleeped Guys.



Settings On This Application :

  • Settings Icon Have At Upward Right Side Of Screen Guys.
  • Sleep Actions setting have four options To Sleep.
  • To Activate Settings Simply Tap on Icon OF Actions it Becomes Green Color.
  • That’s It Timer Will Successfully Saved, and Same Like This Manner Guys.





Finally Conclusion About This Application :

  • Guys that’s the explanation and Using Format Of This Useful Application.
  • Hope All are Excited To Use App  Download App Link Is Below Granted.
  • Just Touch It Redirected To app From There Easily Install.
  • Similarly about app Tricks and Phone secret settings and For Other Tech Information Subscribe Our Channel.
  •  Already We Wrote Many Articles On Different Very Useful and Secret Tricks On Other articles.
  • So Check Once Another Articles Know Unknow Tips, Ok Friends.





Set Timer For Every Settings And Apps To Turn Off

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