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How To Recover Deleted Photos And Videos

How To Recover Deleted Photos And Videos download application


Hello friends, welcome back to our channel, today we will discuss the amazing topic which will make you so many benefits that you can use this app to recover all deleted photos on your mobile and make them restore your mobile How To Recover Deleted Photos And Videos download application .



How To Recover Deleted Photos And Videos : 

  • Friends, this app is available on the play store with 3plus ratings, 10 million plus downloads, and 150k plus reviews. This app is knowns as an app deleted photo recovery app.
  • This app size is only 3.4 only friends download application .
  • And this was developed by great stuff apps management and released on sep14,2016, and the latest updated on aug 15,2022.



Benefits of the application :

  • Friends, you can recover your unfortunately deleted photos, and mistakenly deleted photos.
  • You may try all other apps and they can’t properly recover all of your photos.
  • But in this app you can restore all of your deleted photos, to your phone gallery friends.
  • Fast performance will be there in this app to restore photos download application.
  • And this app supports all types of photos such as jpg, jpeg, png, etc.
  • This app pp will scan not only phone storage photos, but it will also scan the SD card deleted photos too.





Disadvantages without downloading this application :

  • Without this app you cant restore your old photos, deleted photos, and mistakenly deleted photos back to your mobile gallery again.
  • No other apps can work with this much of fast performance
  • Please download this app and try



How to download the application :

  • To download this app, now open your mobile and turn on mobile data to start.
  • After turning on mobile data, search for play store on your mobile.
  • After finding out the play store click on to open, after opening the play store now click on the search bar.
  • clicking on the search bar now your mobile keyboard will be opened in that keyboard type deleted photo recover app.
  • After typing deleted photo recovery name some apps will appear.
  • Now you can search for that app which in delete symbol, brown color background logo.





After download the application :

  • After finding out that the app clicks on the install option.
  • clicking on that install the app downloaded on your in mobile successfully download application .
  • After installed successfully installed, click on the open option to open the app.
  • After opening the app will ask for some permission to restore your photos and storage.



Settings in the application : 

  • After giving that storage permission to the app, it will scan your phone and recover deleted pictures and add them to the list.
  • Now, click on the green-colored search button then again click on allow option friends.
  • After clicking on that search button there all of your deleted photos will appear as friends.
  • In that you have select which you want to restore photos download application .
  • After selecting then see at bottom of your mobile screen there is a restore option that will appears friends.




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How To Use This application : 

  • Now to restore that photo click on the restore option then within seconds the selected photo will restore friends.
  • After clicking that restore button successfully restored your photos in your storage friends download application
  • From this simple process you can recover or restore your deleted photos friends



Conclusion about this application :

  •  Hope you all understand this video friends,
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Download the application here 


How To Recover Deleted Photos And Videos



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