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know your phone diagnostics with simple steps

know your phone diagnostics with simple steps


hello friends welcome to telugu tech pro channel we are here to tell the simple steps to know your phone diagnostics with simple steps and different ways to protect phone, clear viruses malwares all unwanted files with one click know your phone diagnostics with simple steps.



know your phone diagnostics with simple steps :

  • commonly we download various types of apps on mobile on daily or day by day for different purposes.
  • some time we download from chrome or else with playstore, links etc.
  • except playstore downloading all other methods downloading apps are consider as third party applications guys.
  • so some unwanted virus will built over the other apps which were every not good  to our mobile and having more chances to get slower our mobile.
  • now a days all the junk, trash problems are sending with apps so we need to clean it.


phone diagnostics



phone diagnostics benefits :

  • so beware of those links and apps , now we tell how to check your mobile.
  • it will scan all yours mobile information like processer, cpu, android system, system monitoring, hardware, camera logins , mainly apps etc.
  • each and every feature and option in our mobile will checked by this app.
  • so that we can easily repair them if any hardware issues suck touch problem, or finger print issues and many.
  • for software app will gives which is sensor and facilities are working properly or not it shows on your mobile screen after scanning.
  • additionally check network connection related issues, location errors and use the drawing feature as a complement.
  • follow our steps to clear all viruses from your device and check status of your mobile on one press and secure from others.



installation method of phone diagnostics app :

  • every android device will contains playstore app by default guys.
  • of course you well known and popular method to install any type of apps with 100 percentage of security.
  • now enter to playstore and start typing app name in search box which is at top.
  • enter Test Your Android on keyboard and press finding option.
  • on another screen app loads with company or developer name with Hibernate which appears quit down of main title.
  • for exact app check the ratings whether it has 3.6 or not.
  • in additionally 11 thousand reviews are provided in one million downloads.
  • overall after finding same then click on install and stay for a while.




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later installation phone diagnostics app :

  • it will speedly downloaded because of its length is about only 4.4 mb guys.
  • accordingly depends on your network fastness too.
  • finally when installation completes we get new page with adding open and uninstall options.
  • lets pick up only open button then app will displays home layout with out asking appp permissions in starting.
  • we dont know but may be when entering to options have a chances to ask permits friends.



check phone diagnostics like this :

  • at starting we have features to know utilities and tools.
  • from we can check was our barcode scanner of cell phone, flashlight, bubble level, sound meter working properly or not.
  • so lets press on first option barcode it asks permission for take pictures& videos.
  • when we accept scanner will works properly if your camera is damaged then errors may be seen friends.
  • similarly we could know working process of other options too.



phone diagnostics



software problem checking in application :

  • when we scroll down we have an device information feature.
  • which contain many options to check firstly press on system monitor.
  • it shows all the cpu rendering speed and maximum speed, memory, network speed etc.
  • wifi option, Bluetooth, Cpu, hardware battery all options are available.
  • so simply press on them and check the particular option status, phone diagnostics.



phone diagnostics conclusion :

  • finally on checking all those options we can find the unwanted apps, problems in our mobile and etc..
  • easily we can check each and every type of sensors working, and everything that our phone contains.
  • if you found any issues and errors then please do comment us we will tell the solution for those problems, phone diagnostics.
  • else you could go to mobile center’s repair those hard ware mobile problems.
  • we catch up you on another next article which is coming on tomorrow, thats it bye.





phone diagnostics

know your phone diagnostics with simple steps


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