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how to apply iphone 14 launcher in android phone

how to apply iphone 14 launcher in android phone


guys from this brand new article learn how to change or convert your android mobile to complete iphone we explain entire process today so read without missing any paragraph how to apply iphone 14 launcher in android phone.



how to apply iphone 14 launcher in android phone :

  • if you want to set the mobile a little bit different than everyone else.
  • So friends for that we are going to introduce you a good trick now to change your android smart look.
  • iphone settings applied on your mobile then it makes shock to your friends as well as all those around you.
  • every one will do and install iphone launchers but they cant properly and changes will not able seen.
  • after researching lot of browsers we appeared best app for iphone launcher which turns our android device to iphone 14.



iphone 14 launcher



benefits of iphone 14 launcher :

  • if your looking to change normal mobile to iphone then its so simple know by reading article.
  • in iPhone the newest model is iphone 14 which looks awesome launcher and interface guys.
  • so same as it is we can also convert all settings, toggles, notification panel, and other options exact to iphone.
  • when some one suddenly sees your mobile when applied this launcher then can have a probability to surprise and shocks its guarantee friends.
  • each and every part of your mobile will completely appears like iphone only, no one get dought that you have installed app.
  • Untill they saw back side panel of your android smartphone.



downloading process of iphone 14 launcher :

  • on every android device we have playstore which haves by default.
  • go head and open playstore and check make sure that have been connected to internet.
  • then give and single tap on search icon and enter the Iphone 14 Launcher OS 16 name on keyboard and load.
  • this app appears at top of screen with developer name SaS developer.
  • also check whether it has 4.4 ratings or not because our launcher contains.
  • 34 mb is the size of launcher and 5 million plus downloaded.
  • additionally go to about the app and have a look on released date is 3 November 2017 and latest updated at April 30 of 2023 Year.
  • when checked this points simply press on install option, it placed at below of app.




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after iphone 14 launcher installation next :

  • when downloading overs open button appears.
  • give a single tap then app terms and condition page shows.
  • simply now agree them by ticking empty box at down of screen.
  • on pressing box it turns to yellow and get started button enabled on bottom.
  • so lets press blue color get started option then some require permission such as storage and camera will asked.



allow this to apply iphone14 launcher on your device :

  • you need to touch at agree option from below and allow the popups.
  • draw over other apps permission shows agree this as well.
  • notification and warning displays allow this steps too but in waring page tick the small circle to move on.
  • finally ask to select the them of iphone 14 launcher, we need to press get started again, then create widget pop up comes to create our own widget.
  • click on create for 2 three times, then boom all you android looks will gone and awesome iphone screen will displayed.



iphone 14 launcher



iphone14 launcher conclusion :

  • In this Way As Your Wish In case Any Error Occurred On Using Following Steps On App.
  • Then Immediately Comment The Error Below On This Article Inbox Guys So That We Know Problems That Your Facing.
  • Without any response No one Knows and For Extra Features Lets do follow our Channel if new to here.
  • Then thank You Such Much for reading and keep love support bye.





iphone 14 launcher

how to apply iphone 14 launcher in android phone


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