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fantastic control center changes all mobile look

fantastic control center changes all mobile look


Hello friends welcome to telugu tech pro after long time know learn about control center which will helps you operate all the settings in mobile easily fantastic control center changes all mobile look.



fantastic control center changes all mobile look :

  • friends if your feeling bored with normal control pad looking to update.
  • on normal control center some option will not have so to do it required additional work friends.
  • to play music with single or to watch watch videos immediately we must open particular apps to do.
  • But now onwards simply listen music from control panel because this little app contains this facility and more.
  • so without wasting your valuable time lets fastly know benefits of fantastic control center.



fantastic control center



fantastic control center benefits :

  • some mobiles dont have control center and incase if contains their will be no more options to use like our phone.
  • so we get all those options in this fantastic control center guys and we could freely use this app too.
  • in addition we can change the control center background with different colors.
  • design you own nonfictional panel center with various types settings.
  • edit and choose the toggles that we required and able change at any time.
  • arrange and switch layouts of options colors and many options on fantastic control center.
  • customize your version of control center so you can easily use any option fastly after settings.



lets start installing this fantastic control center :

  • search for mi control center from playstore.
  • after loading app check zipoApps company name.
  • additionally app has 4.1 ratings with 227k reviews.
  • Only haves 8.2 Mb in size and their are 10 Million plus downloads available.
  • it has released on June 30, 2020 & upgraded on Oct19, at 2022.
  • so when you checked all this options you get an clarity on app.
  • Further you could download this app easily atlast click on install guys.




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fantastic control center after installation :

  • in addition when downloading overs up 100 percent then app will installed in mobile.
  • now press open button continue to app the following permissions are required to run app guys.
  • need to give dual sim, accessibility, notifications permits.
  • when you completed permits access from mobile settings.
  • then automatically app home screen opens.



fantastic control center how to use :

  • finally power button will turned on so it means app will running successfully.
  • while scrolling down we see two options notification shade, control center features.
  • either you could select notification shade or control center options from different type of experience guys.
  • you could add custom volume control panel by tapping this option.
  • it takes you to playstore download the app related it and use with this fantastic control center.
  • so guys you can see the difference that your battery status and all notification tiles all options were changed.



fantastic control center



settings in fantastic control center :

  • at the bottom we have settings section with many options.
  • lets go with layout setting from it we able to set quick settings icons shape if many ways such as circle, outline , dash, gradient, holo, teardrop etc..
  • arrange the number of header lines and tiles grid it brings amazing to your control center guys.
  • increase size of tiles set size of the quick setting and its icon.
  • to put corners in square makes the quick tiles section as box shaped.
  • by default centered notification actions like reply mark as read, and enable notification sections with turn.
  • So let them run by default or else change as your wish.



use this settings for superb look on fantastic controlcenter :

  • we would apply the power menu button on notification control center.
  • after coming option you can on off mobile this settings only guys.
  • in this way set the clock with seconds.
  • when you use internet we dont the network speed so we dont how much the net using and speed of data.
  • Further to resolve this issue turn on show network speed meter setting and know the data speed.
  • set the X symbol on signa when mobile data is off.
  • Like this we could change colors of app tiles, check data usage and set daily limit and reminders etc.
  • apply edge triggers, popup settings to get amazing.



fantastic control center



fantastic controlcenter conclusion :

  • so this was the method to change the normal control center to marvelous control center guys.
  • are you interested and curious about app name and to download we provided a link down side carefully check article and install this app.
  • Overally how to use fantastic control center app which is easy to use.
  • we come back with another article.
  • Will catch up you on tomorrow with new one.
  • finally dont forget to follow us we provide this types of free tricks and tips.





fantastic control center changes all mobile look


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