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How To Apply Fake Screen Error On Mobile Apps

How To Apply Fake Screen Error On Mobile Apps


Hello Friends Welcome to our Channel ,Now We are Going to learn How To Apply Lock On Mobile apps with fake screen So that no one can Open Your Main Applications Because Fake Screen error will Appear With Popup Message, How To Apply Fake Screen Error On Mobile Apps.



How To Apply Fake Screen Error On Mobile Apps :

  • Guys To apply This Settings on your Mobile For that Need to Download Small Application We will Give application Detail’s on this Article.
  • So Read all Article about application main Features and Useful Settings.
  • This App is Available on Playstore With 3.5 Plus Rated on Playstore.
  • Application will fully Free to Use in any Device with out any Subscriptions Friends.


Fake Screen



Application Full Details :

  • Guys Application Has 2 Thousand Plus amazing Reviews written by using Users With Superb Experience.
  • There are 1 Lakh Plus Downloaded Users are available and using without Issues.
  • This Application Size is Only 3.7 Mb That Any Device will Supports Easily.
  • So Download Fastly and Start Using Application Guys.



Application Released On : 

  • This App was developed by Cometstack and Launched On September 23,2015.
  • In addition They Updated the application with more features and released on August 17, 2017.
  • Updated Version is 1.1.5 and Free To use Download application.
  • So with this small Application Make Lock on Apps easily.




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Benefits Of This Fake Screen Application :

  • There are more uses and Benefits By installing application Guys We will Tell the Benefits.
  • Mainly You Able to Add gesture ,Pattern Or Pin on apps to open ,So That No one Can Open The Mobiles Guys.
  • When Some One Tried To Open For example any App Like Gallery then App will not opens .
  • Show’s Unfortunately Application error Occurred So that Opened Person will Assume the Application error occurred.
  • Then They will Give Back You Mobile So You will Save from seeing your personal photos or videos etc..



Disadvantages Without This Application On Mobiles :

  • If You Give Mobile To Some one at Some times it Happens, So On that Times You fear About .
  • Dought If they See the Gallery or Files or Any Personal Information Stored on Applications.
  • So You cant Able to give Mobile To anyone Easily then Others Will Argues with You and Some Times Scolds Also.
  • That’s Why Today we are Bring the awesome application After Installed This app You may Give mobile to anyone without Tension.



Fake Screen



This Application Name and Downloading Process :

  • Now Open The Playstore On yours Mobile and Check Once if mobile turned or not ,If Not turned on ,Then On It Guys.
  • On Playstore you Have Search Bar at Top the Mobile screen ,Tap On it.
  • Then Keyboard Will Opens Now On keyboard type application name is Invisiblock and Tap on Enter for loading.



Installing Procedure On Playstore :

  • After Clicked On Enter Button Some applications Will appeared Guys Now Click on our app at 2 Place on Loaded page.
  • Then Install Page will Opened Simply Click on Install Option To download as you known already.
  • Then after Wait Some time To Download Application ,later downloaded Simply click on Open Option Guys



Fake Screen



After Downloaded Grant Permissions :

  • Then App Will Opens with Interface of Draw Your Gesture here Text.
  • So Draw Any your Favorite Gesture Guys Then After Click on Right Tick At Bottom of the screen.
  • Then add PIn That Will uses to Recover if Forget Gesture ,So Set any Pin  and Confirm pin again click on right tick.
  • You may Set Any type pin Like 4 digit or 6 Digit password.
  • After Clicked On Right Tick pop Up Message with Appears Click on ok Option On that and allow in Mobile settings and Come back to app.



Uses of Settings In This Application :

  • For settings On this app Tap on Settings Option at Top Right Side of the screen Guys.
  • Then on settings On First Setting Option is used To Change Gesture if you need to change gesture then Use this option any Time.
  • Now Second Option Is Change Your recovery Pin From this option you can Change Or Create a new Pin Easily.
  • Finally Invisiblock Icon If you dont need It then icon Then Hide with this settings.





Using Format Of This Fake Screen Application :

  • Finally After all those permissions application will successfully Opens Home screen with All Mobile Applications.
  • Now On Home screen You may see Application Simply Click on Turn Button to Lock application Guys.
  • If you need to Lock apps Then Press on Lock all Option at Top Right of The screen.
  • And Also check Sort by name apps and locked apps, usage apps to Left Option.



Finally Conclusion About This Application :

  • So Guys Like This way Application will be used on any Device, Finally Lock app and save from others.
  • Then if anyone Opens the apps on your mobile Pop Up Message with Error will appeared.
  • For more applications like this Do subscribe to our channel and turn on Bell Icon To be Notified.





Fake Screen

How To Apply Fake Screen Error On Mobile Apps


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